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[audio][TFN290] Headless Kamikaze - Sasha Lower Than Underground - Headless Kamikaze
Artist: Headless Kamikaze Album: Sasha Lower Than Underground Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN290 Style: Cybergrind, Noisecore, Experimental Electronics Tracks: 01. Z 02. La Crise vs. La Macroéconomie 03. Fuckin' Izhevsk Cops / Сосните Хуйца, Ижевские Мусора 04. I'll Punch You In Your Pink Glasses (Dirty Version) 05. You've Killed Your Children (This Song Is Not About Aborts) / Вы Убили Своих Же Детей (эта песня НЕ об абортах) 06...
Keywords: Cybergrind; Noisecore; Experimental Electronics; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Headless Kamikaze
Downloads: 1,494
[audio][TFN246] Noda Nada - 1950 EP - Noda Nada
Artist: Noda Nada Album: 1950 ep Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN246 Style: Cybergrind, eGrind, 8-bit, Chiptunes, Tracks: 01. Dance Diego Dance ! (with voc) 02. Healing My Lola 03. Just A Purple Heart And An Ufo Remotes 04. 80's Disco Terror From Manohara's Undies (with voc) NOTES: I would just like to say a massive thank you for downloading 1950 EP and for being such a great fan! : ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- \NODA NADA/ hutsey-vocal and programmer someti...
Keywords: Cybergrind; eGrind; 8-bit; Chiptunes; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Noda Nada
Downloads: 1,045
[audio][TFN294] AxBxNx - Where's Waldo The Nudist - AxBxNx
Artist: AxBxNx Album: Where's Waldo The Nudist Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN294 Style: Experimental Electronics, Noisecore, Cybergrind, Midi-Manipulations Tracks: 01. Extreme Anal Belch Terror - 25 Trax 02. Abwasserleitungsorganismus Im Nierengewebe NOTES: All trax were made 3. - 5. July 2009 by manipulating of "Super Mario All-Stars" Midis SONGLIST: 01. Analy Bonus For Toilet Brothers 02. Angry Kind Of Shitholes (Mr...
Keywords: Experimental Electronics; Noisecore; Cybergrind; Midi-Manipulations; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; AxBxNx
Downloads: 1,642
[audio][TFN288] Sraczka - Miłość, Kał i AIDS (EP) - Sraczka
Artist: Sraczka Album: Miłość, Kał i AIDS (EP) Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN288 Style: Cybergrind, Grindcore, Gore, Noisecore, Experimental Tracks: 01. Miłość, Kał i AIDS 02. Rzyganie 03. Jest Juz Ciemno 04. Upierdolony Stól http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Sraczka
Keywords: Cybergrind; Grindcore; Gore; Noisecore; Experimental; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Sraczka
Downloads: 1,646
[audio][TFN266] Iamdeadsmiles58 - Self-Titled - Iamdeadsmiles58
Artist: Iamdeadsmiles58 Album: Self-Titled Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN266 Style: Experimental Electronics, Cybergrind, Digi-Grind, Noise-Grind, Trash Pop Tracks: 01. TAHT Star Spangle Machine guns (intro) 02. Who AM I 03. Im not cyber Grind Im tito core 04. Another Dead Shorty On The Block 05. This Horrifick Sight 06. Everone Hates Me. 07. This bleeding heart 08. Who was it that told us 09. Me vs U vs Myself 10...
Keywords: Experimental Electronics; Cybergrind; Digi-Grind; Noise-Grind; Trash Pop; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Iamdeadsmiles58
Downloads: 1,309
[audio][TFN299] Illnathix - Unreleased 2007 BOX SET - Illnathix
Artist: Illnathix Album: Unreleased 2007 BOX SET Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN299 Style: Various styles, Experimental, Noise, 8bit, Hip-Hop, Cybergrind, Electronic Albums: Part 1. Almost Deleted Album Part 2. Zombie Zone.Rooftop Situation Part 3. is not e-fuckin-jay but looks like ...[Acid Works] Part 4. Wait For Sun Project Part 5. I don't trust you [EP] Part 6. trnsprt Part 7. Intros Part 8. OTR Part 9. Cat Acoustic Noisecore (single) NOTES: All (or almost all) unreleased stuff by Sasha Kibanov which h...
Keywords: Various styles; Experimental; Noise; 8bit; Hip-Hop; Cybergrind; Electronic; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; BOX SET; Illnathix
Downloads: 1,534
[audio][TFN178] Bibir Merah Berdarah - Ok, Press Start Button And...Riot!! E.P - Bibir Merah Berdarah
Artist: Bibir Merah Berdarah Album: Ok, Press Start Button And...Riot!! EP CAT#: TFN178 Style: Chiptune, Nintendocore, Cybergrind, 8-bit Tracks: 01. Ok, Press Start Button And...Riot (Intro) 02. Temaram Malam 03. 05:35 PM 04. Pandir Resistensi Larutan Aspal 05. Inoisenesia Ver.0.1 http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Bibir+Merah+Berdarah http://www.myspace.com/bibirmerahberdarah http://www.myspace.com/indonesianchiptunes ht...
Keywords: Chiptune; Nintendocore; Cybergrind; 8-bit; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Bibir Merah Berdarah
Downloads: 2,279
[audio][TFN121] I Killed Techno! - Nevermind Nintendocore Here's I Killed Techno! EP - I Killed Techno!
Artist: I Killed Techno! Album: Nevermind Nintendocore Here's I Killed Techno! EP Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN121 Style: ePunk, 8 Bit Screamo, Nintendocore, Chiptunes, Electronic, Cybergrind, Pizzacore Tracks: 01. Crispy Chicken Sandwich 02. Kill Everyone (Casualties cover) 03. Zombie Pizza Pt 1 04. Zombie Pizza Pt.2 http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/I+Killed+Techno! http://mypace.com/movingsquares
Keywords: ePunk; 8 Bit Screamo; Nintendocore; Chiptunes; Electronic; Cybergrind; Pizzacore; Electro-Punk; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; I Killed Techno!
Downloads: 1,703
[audio][TFN104] RedSK vs. Joey Classic - Stop Talking Shit Before I Choke You Out With Your Own Necktie Split - RedSK vs. Joey Classic
Artist: RedSK vs. Joey Classic Album: Stop Talking Shit Before I Choke You Out With Your Own Necktie Split Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN104 Style: Live Electronics, Harshnoise, Power Electronics, Glitch, Brokencore, Nintendocore, 8 bit Tracks: 01 RedSK - Nmcxsnji 02 RedSK - Just Wanna Dance 03 RedSK - I Went To Space Camp, And All I Brought Back For You Is NOTHING! 04 Joey Classic - Omgwtf 05 Joey Classic - Whoa, Calm Down! 06 Joey Classic - I'm Gonna Kick You http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last....
Keywords: Live Electronics; Nintendocore; 8 bit; Chiptunes; NESbeat; Bitpop; Cybergrind; Harshnoise; Power Electronics; Glitch; Brokencore; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; RedSK; Joey Classic
Downloads: 1,423
[audio][TFN159] If There Be Thorns - Less Is More You Avant Guarde Sonofabitch! - If There Be Thorns
Artist: If There Be Thorns Album: Less Is More You Avant Guarde Sonofabitch! Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN159 Style: Experimental Electronics, Cybergrind, Electro-Pop, Quirky Music That You Could Dance To Tracks: 1. Woody Allen 2. Shake That Ass http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/If+There+Be+Thorns http://myspace.com/xiftherebethornsx
Keywords: Experimental Electronics; Cybergrind; Electro-Pop; Quirky Music That You Could Dance To; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; If There Be Thorns
Downloads: 1,060
[audio][TFR017] RedSK, Swin Deorin, MIXEDUPMESS, Emo Kid, SK028 - Sleeping Forever - RedSK, Swin Deorin, MIXEDUPMESS, Emo Kid, SK028
[TFR017] RedSK, Swin Deorin, MIXEDUPMESS, Emo Kid, SK028 - Sleeping Forever cd-r limited edition, out of print
Keywords: punk; noise; power electronics; hip-hop; electro; industrial; glitch; breakcore; cybergrind; DIY; TRASHFUCK Records; RedSK; Swin Deorin; MIXEDUPMESS; Emo Kid; SK028
Downloads: 45
[audio][TFN126] Medusa Terror - Rough Demo - Medusa Terror
*This release probably won't be exclusive to TRASHFUCK. More or less this is getting released as a favor to the band :) Artist: Medusa Terror Album: Rough Demo Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN126 Style: Chiptunes, Glitch, Blipblop, Bitpop, Dead Chippy, Our Music Is Very Sucks Tracks: 01. Hornyhorny 02. Vaginaattack 03. Where Is My Gun 04. Whenparisgetdrunk http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Medusa+Terror http://myspace.com/medusaterr...
Keywords: Chiptunes; Glitch; Blipblop; Bitpop; Dead Chippy; Our Music Is Very Sucks; Electronic; 8 bit; Nintendocore; Cybergrind; netlabels; Indonesia; TRASHFUCK NET; Medusa Terror
Downloads: 1,430
[audio][TFN232] Masta Bruce - Goregasm EP - Masta Bruce
Artist: Masta Bruce Album: Goregasm EP Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN232 Style: Experimental Electronics, Trash Noise, Shitcore, Putrid Bile Spilling Out Of Mother Earth's Open Wounded Womb, Cybergrind Tracks: 01. Vanilla the Rabbit 02. Marine the Raccoon 03. Shoe Licker 04. Get Gone (JMann 1337 Edit) 05. Death 06. Sniper Scope http://tfnnetlabel.tk http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Masta+Bruce http://myspace.com/mastabruc...
Keywords: Experimental Electronics; Trash Noise; Shitcore; Putrid Bile Spilling Out Of Mother Earth's Open Wounded Womb; Cybergrind; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Masta Bruce
Downloads: 755
[audio][TFN322] Headless Kamikaze - Milgram Experiment - Headless Kamikaze
Artist: Headless Kamikaze Album: Milgram Experiment Year: 2011 CAT#: TFN322 Style: Experimental, Cybergrind Tracks: 01. Milgram Experiment 02. I Don't Trust to LJ Users 03. I didn't Like Russian Noise And I Don't Like You (Applecore Remix) http://trashfuck.net tfnnetlabel@ymail.com http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://www.last.fm/music/Headless+Kamikaze
Keywords: Experimental; Cybergrind; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Headless Kamikaze
Downloads: 131
[audio][TFR080] Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Myspace Is Dead - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
[TFR080] Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Myspace Is Dead Free download version of the Kindergarten Hazing Ritual three inch cd on TRASHFUCK Records, limited to 50 copies.
Keywords: cybergrind; grindcore; experimental; Kindergarten Hazing Ritual; DIY; TRASHFUCK Records
Downloads: 119
[audio][TFN208] GxSxOxGxPx & SxSxTxNx - Split (Untitled/Anal Straciatella) - GxSxOxGxPx & SxSxTxNx
Artist: GxSxOxGxPx & SxSxTxNx Album: Split (Untitled/Anal Straciatella) Year: 2009 CAT#: TFN208 Style: Noise, Trash Noise, Faux Noisecore, DS Music, Cybergrind NOTES: RECORDED/MADE (4-TRACK-PRINCIPIAL): DEC/08 GAME USED: KORG DS-10 SYNTHESIZER (FOR THE NINTENDO DS!) Tracks: Side A: GxSxOxGxPx - Untitled 01. Terrorautopsy 02. ----_v_---- 03. -.- 04. ÃÃÃ+++ 05. Dirty Shit 06. Untitled01 07. Untitled02 08...
Keywords: Noise; Trash Noise; Faux Noisecore; DS Music; Cybergrind; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; GxSxOxGxPx; SxSxTxNx
Downloads: 569
[audio][TFN313] Jane Cutter - 1 - Jane Cutter
Artist: Jane Cutter Album: 1 Year: 2011 CAT#: TFN313 Style: Noise, Noisecore, Cybergrind Tracks: 01. 1 NOTES: All tracks created in november/december 2010 using HammerHead 1.0, TS404BETA1 and Audacity. http://trashfuck.net tfnnetlabel@ymail.com http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Jane+Cutter http://last.fm/music/I+Dreamt+Of+Her+Beautiful+Tentacles
Keywords: Noise; Noisecore; Cybergrind; netlabels; Jane Cutter; I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles; TRASHFUCK NET
Downloads: 281
[audio][TFN185] Dying Fish Fetus - Jesus Kind Of Looks Like Hitler - Dying Fish Fetus
--Dying Fish Fetus is a Noisecore/Cybergrind/Power Electronics/Harshnoise project of Caleb Bragg (Insideout028)-- Artist: Dying Fish Fetus Album: Jesus Kind Of Looks Like Hitler CAT#: TFN185 Style: Cybergrind, Noisecore, Noise, Power Electronics, Harsh Noise, Hardcore Tracks: 01. Bunny Rabbits And Cocaine 02. LSD 03. Pure Fucking Hate For You Pt.1 04. Spike Dildo In Your Mouth 05. You Know What I Want You To Die 06...
Keywords: Cybergrind; Noisecore; Noise; Power Electronics; Harsh Noise; Hardcore; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Dying Fish Fetus; Insideout028
Downloads: 907
[audio][TFN324] hlo, Oh Ne, Blitzkrieg Pussies, Stacy Keibler - Snacktime - hlo, Oh Ne, Blitzkrieg Pussies, Stacy Keibler
Artist: hlo, Oh Ne, Blitzkrieg Pussies, Stacy Keibler Album: Snacktime Year: 2011 CAT#: TFN324 Style: Experimental, Cybergrind, Industrial, Breakcore, Noise, Glitch Tracks: 01. hlo - ego funeral 02. hlo - Explaing To The Cops Why You Masterbate In Church 03. hlo - NO-Fi 04. hlo - plot to kill my therapist (feat. RedSK) 05. hlo - She Is Only 15 06. Oh Ne - Miami Auslegware 07. Blitzkrieg Pussies - Get out of your pants 08...
Keywords: Experimental; Cybergrind; Industrial; Breakcore; Noise; Glitch; hlo; Oh Ne; Blitzkrieg Pussies; Stacy Keibler; MIXEDUPMESS; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET
Downloads: 203
[audio][TFN310] Various - FUCK YOUR SPEAKERS! - Various
Artist: VARIOUS Album: FUCK YOUR SPEAKERS! Year: 2010 CAT#: TFN310 Style: Various styles and concepts that portray experimental underground music and noise-related genres, Noise, Cybergrind, Hardcore, Experimental, Electronic, Abstract, Extreme Tracks: Fuck Your Speakers! Disc 1 01. ?hred - Jihivj Nso 02. a beautiful lotus - [ minute d ] practical practice 03. a beautiful lotus - [ minute f ] the rush 04...
Keywords: Various styles and concepts that portray experimental underground music and noise-related genres; Noise; Cybergrind; Hardcore; Experimental; Electronic; Abstract; Extreme; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; Torn Flesh Records
Downloads: 2,387 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[audio][TFRPROMO11] Various Artists - We Are TRASH And So Can You - Various Artists
TRASHFUCK Records presents: We Are TRASH And So Can You Disc 1 tracklist: 01 Pollux - Kaoz I 02 Scientific Sunshine - Mountain Tops 03 Chris Toast - Ct 2 04 dngl - Mental Elevator (RIP DJ Screw) 05 Faction Disaster - Social Network Of Retards 06 Bye-Product - Break My Bank 07 Stiverson - Sock 08 Swin Deorin - Fiscal 09 A Beautiful Lotus - Sagre Verde 10 Dental Work - Detroit Concrete 11 RedSK - Taken By Wolves 12 A Beautiful Lotus - Softly 13 Zebra Mu - One Shot 14 Jason "EVIL" Covelli - Cocksuc...
Keywords: noise; experimental; breakcore; death metal; grindcore; punk; cybergrind; noisecore; power electronics; circuit bending; industrial; hardcore; glitch; idm; drum n bass; jungle; ambient; darkambient; TRASHFUCK Records; DIY
Downloads: 3,447
[audio][TFN020] Various - Popular Music Has Turned Up It's Nose Vol 1 (compiled by Plaid Colored) - Various
Compilation Idea Hatched On November 12, 2007 Compiled By Musician Plaid Colored (Alex Wolf) There Were Three Main Concepts To This Album: 1) That Unconventional Music (Meaning Music That You Wouldnt Hear On MTV Or Your Local Pop Music Station) Deserves Promotion, And Deserves To Be Given A Listen. This Album Was Meant To Help Promote A Small Fraction Of These Musicians And Get People Interested To Seek Out More...
Keywords: noise; harsh; industrial; drone; electronic; techno; breakcore; 8 bit; grindcore; cybergrind; eGrind; digi-grind; digital; death; metal; experimental; IDM; jazz; power; rhythmic; ebm; TRASHFUCK NET; Non Quality Audio; trash noise; shitcore
Downloads: 426
Artist: A MAN SO HIGH FLOATING IN OUTER SPACE, AL CAPONE'S TOMMYGUN SLAUGHTER, & THE SHANKNUT PRA-JEK T Album: 3 WAY SPLIT INSANITY DRIVEN BY SEX AND DRUGS Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN128 Style: Experimental Electronics, Cybergrind, Blood, Gore, Sex, Drugs, And All Other Things That Make A Good Rock N Roll Recording Tracks: 01. THE SHANKUT PRA-JEK T - Fucked In The Name Of Rape 02. THE SHANKUT PRA-JEK T - Lip Service Spit Style 03...
Keywords: Experimental Electronics; Cybergrind; Grindcore; Experimental; Noise; Blood; Gore; Sex; Drugs; And All Other Things That Make A Good Rock N Roll Recording; netlabels; TRASHFUCK NET; A MAN SO HIGH FLOATING IN OUTER SPACE; AL CAPONE'S TOMMYGUN SLAUGHTER; THE SHANKNUT PRA-JEK T
Downloads: 1,187 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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